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My weather station is a Davis Vantage Pro2, with Virtual Weather Station running on my PC.  Data is sent to The Weather Underground. The instruments are mounted on a 4-by-4 with ledges for the tipping-bucket rain gauge and hygrometer.  Both are at 6 feet.

The anemometer is positioned at 10 meters (~33 feet), which is the official height required for wind measurements. An 8" rain gauge is positioned about 10 feet away for verification and backup of the tipping bucket.  A 4" rain gauge is on the other side of my backyard (200 feet to the south) which also helps to verify rainfall and provide backup.  A max-min alcohol thermometer is mounted on the north side of the 4-by-4 at the 6 foot level.  The only obstructions are from the west where our home and some trees are located.

I am in the process of uploading all of my weather data from the past 7 years.