October 30, 2003 Aurora Display over Fauquier County, Virginia
I was working the evening shift on the 30th and had been reading about the strong sun spots that had been underway the past couple of days.  I was hoping to have a chance for a weak aurora as our latitude is fairly low.  Auroras are somewhat rare in Virginia.  Fortunately, high pressure was in control of our weather so skies were clear with no haze.

After getting home around 11:00 pm I quickly grabbed by tripod and camera (Canon AE1) and put on a 28mm lens.  I used Fuji 100 ASA and shot full open with exposure times from 10-30 seconds.  Some of the pictures are a little hazy and there are some horizontal lines barely visible. The haziness was due to over exposure from surrounding light pollution.  The horizontal lines are due to my camera age of 20 years.  It has since been through a complete refurbish.

The best shots are the first two with very crisp and clear lines.  I was outside for about one hour and as the aurora moved, I had to reposition my tripod.  This led to some of the tilted shots as I was on a slight incline.

Those of you interested in Auroras should take some time to visit the Space Environment Center in Boulder, Colorado.  They are responsible for forecasting space weather.  Another great site is Spaceweather.com which is loaded with tons of information and some incredible pictures from around the world.